Click here to download some of our Mains & Power Connectors
 EAC mains receptacles:    • Male & Female versions, panel, PCB & 'snap-in' fixings
 DC plugs / sockets:  • All are 2 conductor: 0.65mm, 1.0mm, 1.3mm, 2.1mm & 2.5mm variants
 • Cable plugs can incorporate a locking ring to prevent accidental removal
 • Sockets are available as chassis, PCB or surface mount and incorporate automatic switchover from AC to DC operation
 Barrier Strips:  • 2 pole thru' 36 pole
 • Current rating up to 175A
 • Single, closed back or double row variants
 • Numerous termination options, including 'wire-ready' raised screws & 'Faston' push fit
 Terminal Strips:  • 2 pole thru' 14 pole
 • Current rating up to 15A
 • 5.00mm & 5.08mm centres
 • Stackable, screwless 45° options