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The combination of CIE-Group's fully equipped engineering facility and the extensive portfolio of connector products allows us to provide many and varied cable assemblies at highly competitive rates.

With the ability to supply either 'assembly' or 'over-moulded' cable types, we are able to offer the excellent combination of value for money, alongside quality and reliability.

Examples include Multi Pole rectangular connectors for use in the petro-chemical industry, ribbon cables for use in ATM cash machines, Category 5e data patchleads, 'D' type moulded cables for use with point of sale equipment in supermarkets and BNC leads for use with video/CCTV equipment. Whether you are finding that assembling your own cables in-house is too time consuming and expensive, or you have requirements for customised assemblies, CIE-Components can help.


 • To meet customer requirements, cables are generally available either as fully over-moulded or as assembly types.
Please enquire with any specific requirements